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Our Story

A Little About Us...

 On the town square corner on April 2nd, 1977, Glenda West at the age of 19, opened her own business and named it "Pizza Corner."  Through many years of hard work and dedication, she successfully established Wayne County's first pizzeria.   In 1985, she married Michael Francis, then honeymooned aboard the SS Emerald Seas. They then made major changes, business expansions and Emeralds Restaurant was born. Inspired by the warmth of home, family and friends, the menu constantly grew to serve local flavor. Then, Glenda suddenly passed away at the age of 57 after more than 37 years of business. She left behind two sons, Chandler and Kincaid Francis who are proudly carrying on her dedication to this Southern town. 

“I hope you will always feel welcome and appreciated when you come to my little corner” -Glenda West Francis

sketch of emeralds restaurant